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Exciting song Cargando was released in 2016.
This bomb was dropped on dance floors all over.
Produced by DJ LBR, after his super hit Adrenaline Rush, Cargando is a pure Moombahton-style product and it'll make you drop your moves.

There's no business like showbusiness

Micaela Mendez signed with Virgin EMI and released her first major production single Ton Plaisir in 2006, Paris.

Provocative, empowering and gambling - the staging for the album cover for Ton Plaisir was made by the artist herself.


A very young chorist

Dancer, singer, composer. Micaela Mendez also worked as a chorist for different international artists, such as Eros Ramazzotti and Björk (photo).


Micaela Mendez sings with Camilo Azuquita

An event covered by Le Monde where the thousands of spectators got to see Micaela Mendez and Camilo Azuquita in Normandy, France.

This major event was organised by Art Mouvance.

Le Monde.jpg

Birth of the band Manosanta

Micaela Mendez came from Argentina and her big love for music lead her to start a band when she was 16.
With a repertoire, of her own composition, as well as zambas, tangos and some famous cuban music from the early 20th century, this band would continue to perform together for several years.

Micaela Mendez - Lead singer, composer and founder
Serge Komas - Vocals
Eduardo Paco Pachari - Guitar



Micaela Mendez aged 16. Lead singer and founder of the band Manosanta in Rouen, Normandy.

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