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ART MOUVANCE - Society for Art


Association for the promotion of art, culture and heritage.

Art Mouvance was founded in 1995 in Rouen, Normandy, and was created for the promotion of art of all kinds and the dissemination of knowledge and expertise in communication, history of art, collections and exhibitions as well as museology, scenography, theater, dance and performance. Recently it has added language tutoring, translations, courses and seminaries, workshops and coaching in art and theatrical expression, the spoken text and contemporary dramaturgy to its agenda.

Art Mouvance has a support unit for artistic and cultural projects dedicated to sponsorship activities, support of contemporary artistic and cultural creation and dissemination in the field of art, artist development, concerts, liveshows and the editorial publication of documents, texts and books. It is directed by Patrik Gunnteg, secretary and responsable for the unit.

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